Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please just contact us and we'll be happy to help!

How many people will be on this retreat?

We understand that you are with us to rejuvenate so we keep the groups small so that we can concentrate on you, there will be a maximum of 6 students plus the yoga teacher and skipper. Places are on a first come, first served basis.

Do I need any yoga experience?

We tailor the yoga to your ability - absolute beginners are welcome as are experienced yogis.

Where should I fly to?

The best airport to fly into is Pula, the marina is a short ride away from the airport.

There are other flights you can take too:

  • RyanAir Stansted to Pula
  • EasyJet to Pula/Split
  • Ryanair to Pula/Split

Can Yoga Sail arrange my transfer?

Transfers can be arranged for £20 each way.

Which meals are included?

Breakfast, Lunch, snacks, fruit, soft drinks and water are included.

Dinner is optional and can be decided by the group if they wish to visit restaurants or dine at anchor in a beautiful cove (in which case a small kitty is collected).

Beer and wine can be ordered in at request Or guests may bring their own

Food on board

As part of the retreat the Kurba Vela promotes delicious and healthy plant-based meals, with plentiful vegan and vegetarian foods. They've been very popular, even with guests who aren't used to eating that way - and guests say how much better they feel after the reteat! If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know ahead of the sail.

Do I need any sailing experience?

Absolutely not! We have an experienced crew who will be happy to teach you more about sailing as we cruise from island to island, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

What else should I know on board?

Be careful on board, especially getting on and off the boat.

Use the pouches on board for your phone to avoid losing it overboard.

Don't wear your sunglasses when leaning over on board. You will lose them in the sea.

Don't leave anything sitting anywhere on deck, it will quickly go overboard, we know from experience!!

Mind the boom! We'll tell you all about that on board.

I want to book for a group

We offer Family Sailing trips tailored to your individual needs. If you have a hen party, a big birthday or just a group of friends who want to get away we can make a group booking for up to 7 people. Please contact us so we can help arrange this for you.

I would like to make a booking outside of the dates advertised

If you'd like to request your own boat for dates outside the advertised dates, please contact us to request a private charter.

What is the local currency?

The currency is the Croatian Kuna. It is best to get some before arrival but there is an ATM at the airport and close to the marina. Not many island restaurants take cards. Approximate cost of a meal out (without drinks) is £10.

What should I bring with me?

Pack light and be sure to use our checklist:

  • Swimwear
  • Suncream
  • Swim goggles if needed
  • Swim shoes are needed if you swim to the beach and most beaches in Croatia are pebbly and have sea urchins in spots
  • Light clothing. Maybe dresses for ladies if they wish to dress up for dinner in towns
  • Flat shoes are recommended as lots of wobbly pavements
  • On board please use boating shoes with a white sole
  • Flip flops are not great footwear on board
  • Night wear
  • Light jacket in case of winds
  • A warm hoodie in case you stay out sailing in the subset or evening
  • Toiletries
  • Ideally a camping towel as they are light and dry really easily.
  • There is a hairdryer at most marinas and one you can take ashore to use from yacht
  • Maybe a cap with a connector linking it to your clothes so it doesn't blown away
  • Phone charger USB cable. However charging on board is very slow and can only accommodate two USB plugs at a time while at sea. So a portable charger that you bring precharged is a great idea
  • Sunglasses with a connector to hold them on

No need to bring:

  • There is a hairdryer at most marinas and there is one onboard the yacht
  • Snorkels are available on board
  • Yoga mats are on board

Will we see dolphins?

We often spot Dolphins, Turtles and Tuna out at sea so keep your eyes peeled!