Captain and Founder

I had the inspiration to share these two amazing hobbies in a combined holiday because I love the fantastic experience of sailing and I love what yoga has done for me in the last few years.

Sailing is an addiction that is so exhilarating and relaxing at the same time - freedom of the sea has been so rejuvenating.

In the last year I discovered the breadth of yoga - I love to exercise and normally run to relieve stress and keep fit. Hot rocket yoga challenged my body beyond any other exercise. And the meditative yoga really calms me as i am normally running around like a headless chicken. I have had so much fun with my kids with Accro Yoga ...thanks to Jayne Steve and Julia I learnt how to have so much fun with Yoga. Up to 4 months ago I hadn't done a headstand since its my favorite quick exercise to stand on my head.

But the biggest new find in my life was the Secret called Croatia. I have fallen in love with the islands, the views, the Adriatic and the people and luckily all the dolphins that pop by the yacht to say hello.

I set up Yogasail to offer fantastic unique experiences for those who love the same things as me!! Sailing Yoga and the beautiful Croatia.

Our team will make sure you have an amazing time, they will help you spot dolphins and swim in the beautiful waters. You will come home in love with this paradise and our staff who will care for you and make sure you love the sailing and the yoga.

Come on your own or come with friends and family ..we will make sure you have the most amazing experience of your life.

thank you for choosing Yogasail

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Experienced Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder

Jayne's teaching philosophy is to make yoga available to everyone from beginner to advanced levels. "Every Body" can do yoga, yoga on a mat, a chair and even lying down!

With more awareness in your body you can be more mindful of our everyday habits and become a better you! I work on steady flows that get you working on strength, balance and flexibility with pranayama and meditation in each class.

In every class Jayne will help you improve you fitness, flexibility, strengthen your bones and help you to relax! She teaches Vinyasa and power yoga wherever in the world she travels and you will probably see her down dog on every landmark that she visits! Jayne has studied the Krishnamacharya lineage of Vinyasa yoga in India and Mexico as well as studying with leading yogis Laura Kasperzack and Dashama Gordon, combining traditional and modern yoga to bring you a fun, vibrant, practice each time.

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Experienced Yoga Teacher

Since 2000 Yoga became a part of my life. I studied Vedic Astrology in Latvia, practiced different styles of Yoga until I have discovered a Vinyasa Flow. In 2014 I completed 200 hours Teacher Training under the tutelage of Certified Baptiste Master Teachers Claire Este McDonald and Gregor Singleton. Claire’s unique and healing style of practice inspired my further education in experiential anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga. Scaravelli yoga continues influencing and shaping my healing Yoga Style. I proceed working with Peter Blackaby and Garry Carter and have enrolled to become a Yoga Therapist. My style is very much about how postures can affect us energetically, how they can heal, open and strengthen the physical body as well as to create a balanced movement, both structurally and emotionally.

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Experienced Skipper

Korado is a wonderful skipper with over 30 years of local sailing knowledge as s fisherman a diver , a windsurfing instructor and a Skipper of all types of yachts. All our customers love his very funny sense of humour and his calmness when teaching them how to sail.

So whether you want to lie and soak up the sun or learn all the skippering skills and helm the boat, Korado will help you to enjoy it.

We are very lucky to have him as lead skipper as he takes us to all the secret places that no one else knows about

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